Valuation Services

Definition of Valuation

Valuation can be defined as “the art and science of estimating the value or worth or an asset for a specific purpose”. It is a key skill and underlines the Valuation services provided by Surveyors practicing in commercial residential, rural, mineral waste management plant and machinery assets, antiques and fine arts.

Valuation is influenced by social, economic and legal factors and Valuation Surveyors need to be aware how these might impact on values in a market place.

Valuation Surveyors also need to take into account the natural environment, the physical attributes of any improvements to the land and, where appropriate, the profitability of activities carried out on the land or within buildings.

We offer valuation of all classes of properties – Residential, Commercial and Industrial. These valuations are requested and provided for many different purposes including, Secured Lending, Sale, Purchase, Leasing, Investment, Rating and Taxation, Stamp Duty, Real Estate Funding, Development, Probate, Dispute Resolution, Compulsory Acquisition, Insurance.

LAND                         Agricultural, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Resort type.               

RESIDENTIAL           Single and multiple dwelling residence, Townhouses/Duplexes, Condominiums/Apartments Units.

AGRICULTURAL      Agricultural and Homestead properties

COMMERCIAL          Office Buildings, Malls and other Retail outlets, Guest Houses, Schools, Churches.

INDUSTRIAL             Warehouses, Offices.